What is KT WiFi prepaid card?

Just tell “I want to buy a KT prepaid wifi

What is Prepaid wifi (PIN) ?

It can be easily purchased in convenient stores and by inputting the PIN code written on the receipt or on the card on the olleh WiFi website, you can enjoy the wireless internet connection anywhere in the olleh WiFi zone. 

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  1day: 3,300 KRW   1day * 4 : 9,900 KRW

KT Prepaid wifi (PIN) is available in following convenience stores.
(The cards can be purchased in Seven Elevens,CU in Seoul,Gyeonggi-do Provice.
[expect to expand to the whole country] ) KT WiFi prepaid card is available in following convenience stores.(GS25,buy the way,7eleven,CU,mini stop)